Our Carbon Footprint

Currently, we offset our carbon footprint for all of our employees, their household and our work impact. We pledge to offset against our monthly turnover, therefore the more we turnover, the more carbon we offset. But how? We work with Ecologi and Tree Aid through planting trees, restoring and preserving forests and supporting communities in a sustainable way.

As a company, we have achieved our goal of providing all employees with fully electric vehicles which produce no emissions.

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Climate positive workforce

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Climate positive workforce

Carbon Reduction

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Trees Planted

Trees in our forest

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Planting a Seed for Change

We recognise the importance of taking care of our customers, suppliers and the environment. We are continuously making changes to negate our impact, both as a business and individuals. 

When you choose to use corrugated cardboard instead of plastic, you’re already making a positive impact on the environment. However, we like to take it a step further, every purchase you make from us has a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, we are now carbon neutral since we first began operating in 2012.

keeping your products

Keeping Your Products & the Planet Cool

If you hadn’t already noticed, we deal exclusively with cardboard and actively choose not to use plastic. We enjoy working with our clients to produce innovative cardboard alternatives to provide solutions to plastic and difficult to recycle boxes.

All our products contain either partially recycled or fully recycled fibre or a combination of both. When virgin fibre is used, we ensure it is fully FSC certified – this means the product is sourced from managed forests with a diverse range of trees planted in higher numbers than harvested.

Wherever possible, we aim to work with full pallets worth and trailer loads, to reduce unnecessary trips and carbon emissions.


As a company we collectively donate money to 3 different charities.

These are: East Anglian Air Ambulance, MacMillan and the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity.

These were chosen by us as a team, due to the personal connection we have with them. We aim to provide support to different charities every year.

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" Great value environmentally conscious product without compromising on quality - highly recommended. "

Peter Holmes

How it Works

The honeycomb structure in the insulated liners traps small pockets of air which provides effective insulation (much like double glazing).

With multiple design options, variable liner thicknesses, honeycomb cell sizes and paper thicknesses you can feel chilled knowing we have a solution for you.

How it Works